Just in case you think any of this is finished or serious - please REALITY CHECK!

This site is under S E R I O U S  construction..... seeya, FB


OK - so Finn has discovered the ease of publishing - but wait - there are some handy hints here !

This was a "DESKCAM"
but I can't get the right software.... see below
wanky promo shot
This image is updated every 2 minutes. Press the re-load key on your browser to see the lastest action! (yeah Right....)
Actually - this is not working because I need an application that takes the file and FTP's it up every couple of minutes from a WIN95 box...anybody know of any program that does that scripted?

OK, OK - so there is no design content to this page, no structure, and certainly no useful info - but hey, you know - go figure! Until I get serious about the publishing stuff - this is it, my page to do with as I please.

Who am I? Border Collies - oh for love and dogs!

A guy living in Sydney (best city in the world!) - until then.... later!

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