You've been gone 11 hours.
You'll be arriving there soon.
Tonight, the moon shines where we slept last night,
Holding each other so tight, holding back the morning.
The moon now flickers through leaves onto empty sheets.
Can my memory comfort me, recreate your feel... your touch... you? ... No.
Did I not take it in? Did I not taste each full moment? ... I did.
But you are more.
My chest aches.
This moon will wane, and then grow again.
The light will play once more on the sheets, then fade,
Until again it comes to play with shadows,
Then to touch your skin.
Now to rest, and with this rest I will care for me,
I need to cradle my heart, with my own space of love.
To my heart I say thank you and I love you.

Finn Blake

...the day Richard left
6 Jan 99

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