Why… Why… Why…?
Silence blesses me again
And I hug my knees more closely.
The shaded, rough edged mass creeps over the sands,
While the dunes behind sit low and covered.

A cool breeze spills around the curved bay,
First playing with the thick mops of caserina hair.
Lightly it brushes against my curled body,
Sympathising, listening to all my thoughts, then passing on,
Effortlessly gliding along the stretch of beach.

Who am I?
As I settle into my mind, my eyes droop closed,
I hear the muffled rhythmic crash of the waves,
Violent, yet soothingly peaceful.
Still my questioning thoughts sound.

A twilight chill encourages me to wiggle my feet deeper into the sand,
And as I sit, an overwhelming feeling of calm settles upon me,
My confused thoughts wander,
Leaving me a warm, clear space
Padded like balls of fluffy wool,
And I know I’m home.

Mooloolaba, 1981

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